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List of ingredients for Jšnispaisti (Rabbit stew)

* 6 slices Bacon, Diced
* 1.2kg Rabbit pieces, with bone
* 250ml hot Chicken stock
* 2 tablespoons Flour
* Salt
* 250ml Double cream
* 1 tablespoon Redcurrant jelly

* In a large pan, Fry the Bacon until crisp
* Remove from the pan and reserve
* Brown the Rabbit on both sides
* Pour the hot Stock over the Rabbit
* Cover, and cook over a medium heat until the Rabbit is tender - about 45 minutes
* Remove the Rabbit and wrap in Foil to keep warm
* Stir the Flour and a little Salt into the Cream
* Gradually stir the Cream into the pan liquid
* Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened
* Stir in the Redcurrant jelly until melted
* Add the Bacon and pour over the Rabbit pieces which have been arranged in a serving dish


Recipe from:šnispaisti_(Rabbit_stew)

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