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List of ingredients for Philadelphia chicken and grilled pepper fusilli

* 300 g Fusilli Pasta
* 2 teaspoons Olive oil
* 2 large Chicken breasts, sliced
* 150 g Philadelphia Light with grilled peppers
* 60 ml hot Vegetable stock
* 12 Cherry tomatoes, halved
* 12 black stoned Olives, sliced (optional)

* Heat the Oil in a Frying pan and add the Chicken.
* Cook the Chicken until it is Browned and cooked through.
* Meanwhile cook the Fusilli in a large pan of Boiling water as directed on the packet.
* Drain and return the Pasta to the pan.
* Stir in the cooked Chicken.
* Add the Philly and hot Stock.
* Heat gently until the Philly has melted and formed a Sauce but do not Boil.
* Add a little more Stock if the Sauce is a touch thick. Lightly stir in the Tomatoes and Olives if being used.
* Season to taste and serve immediately.
* [ The Philadelphia recipe website]
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