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List of ingredients for Boiled bacon recipe

* 1.1kg Gammon joint (2½ lb)
* Raspings (finely Ground Breadcrumbs)
* Water

* As Bacon is frequently excessively salty ,let it be soaked in warm water for an hour or two previous to dressing it up.
* Then pare off the rusty parts and scrape the underside and rind as clean as possible.
* Put it into a saucepan of cold water, let it come gradually to a Boil and as the scum rises to the surface of the water, remove it.
* Let it Simmer very gently until it is thoroughly done.
* Remove and drain, remove the skin and sprinkle with a few raspings and garnish with tufts of Cauliflower or Brussels sprouts.
* When served alone, young and tender Broad beans or Green peas are the usual accompaniments.


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