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List of ingredients for Chinese chilli and garlic sauce

* 125 ml (4 oz) white Chinese Rice vinegar
* 225 g (8 oz) fresh Red chillies
* 2 teaspoons of garlic powder
* 1 teaspoon white Granulated sugar
* 1 teaspoon Sea salt
* 1 teaspoon Cornflour

* Remove the stalks from the Chillies.
* Slice in half, lengthways and remove the Seeds and any white pith.
* Leave the Chillies soaking overnight in the Salt and Vinegar.
* Pulse to a purée in a Food processor.
* Add the garlic powder, Cornflour and Sugar and adjust the consistency to your liking with a little water. Pulse to mix.
* Pour into a Sterilised bottle.
* This will keep forever!


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