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List of ingredients for Salad of Ayrshire royals, feta and watercress, yoghurt dressing

* 1kg Ayrshire Royals
* 1 Bunch of Watercress trimmed
* 250g Cherry tomatoes halved
* 250g Feta cheese Diced
* 100ml Low Fat Yoghurt
* 1 tablespoon White wine vinegar
* 1 Pinch of Sugar
* Salt and Freshly ground pepper

* Cook the Potatoes in lightly Salted Boiling water till tender, drain and leave to cool.
* Toss the Potatoes, Tomatoes, Feta and Watercress in a bowl and season.
* Whisk the Yogurt, Vinegar and Sugar together.
* Arrange Potatoes in serving bowl, spoon Yogurt over the Salad just before serving.
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