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List of ingredients for Dehydrated caramelised onions (slow cooker recipe)

* 2kg Spanish Onions (topped, tailed and peeled weight), sliced 6-7mm thick
* Glug of Balsamic or Sherry vinegar

* Put enough water to cover the bottom of the Slow cooker.
* Add the Balsamic or Sherry vinegar.
* Pre-heat the Slow cooker on high, whilst you are preparing the Onions.
* Once the water and Vinegar are hot, add the Onions.
* Cover the Slow cooker withe Foil and replace the lid.
* Stir the Onions once in a while, but try to do it quickly so that the Slow cooker doesn't lose heat and moisture. You can add a little extra water if necessary.
* Cook until the Onions are starting to Brown, about 5 hours.
* Remove the Foil, and replace the lid at an angle so that there is some space for the moisture to evaporate.
* Leave the lid like this, stirring occasionally, until the Onions are the colour you want - anything from golden to dark golden Brown.
* This took me 11 hours.
* Once you are happy with colour, drain the Onions and keep any liquid for Soups or stocks - I found that mine didn't need draining because it had all evaporated in the Slow cooker
* Pre-heat the Dehydrator to 60C.
* Because the Onions will be wet, I suggest you use dehydrating mats or Greaseproof paper in the trays to start with.
* Spread out the Onions over the trays and dry until crispy, rotating the trays every hour - this can take a further 4-12 hours, depending on the Onions, the humidity and how many trays you use.
* After rotating the trays a couple of times, I reduced the temperature to 50C as my kitchen was getting too hot!
* Once you are sure they are thoroughly Dried, store the Onions in jars, Lock & Lock boxes or Vacuum pack them.


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