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List of ingredients for Erdélyi zsiványpecsenye (beef wrapped in bacon)

* 675 g fillet Steak, cut into 5 mm slices
* 1 tablespoon Paprika
* Pinch each of Salt and Pepper
* 225 g Smoked middle Bacon, thinly sliced
* 2 tablespoons Lard

* Using a meat mallet, gently flatten the fillet Steak slices.
* Sprinkle them with the Paprika, Salt and Pepper on one side only.
* Roll the slices tightly, lengthways into 'Sausages' and wrap them with the Bacon slices.
* Melt the Lard in a Frying pan to a high temperature.
* Quickly seal the Meat on all sides.
* Reduce heat, cover and cook at a very low temperature until the Meat juices evaporate and the Meat cooks in its own Fat, by which time it should be properly cooked.


Recipe from:élyi_zsiványpecsenye_(beef_wrapped_in_bacon)

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