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List of ingredients for Chocolate and marshmallow wedges

* 350g Green & Black's dark Chocolate, broken into small pieces
* 250g Butter
* 1½ tablespoons water
* 1½ tablespoons Caster sugar
* 1½ teaspoons Vanilla extract
* 1½ tablespoons Orange juice
* 3 medium Egg yolks, whisked lightly and Strained
* 125g digestive biscuits, one half crushed and one half roughly chopped
* 175g pink and white Marshmallows, cut into halves and quarters
* 1 tablespoon Cocoa powder mixed with 1 tablespoon Chocolate powder

* Melt the Chocolate with the Butter, water and Sugar in a mixing bowl set over a pan of hot water taken of the heat.
* Stir until smooth, then remove the bowl from the heat and leave to cool a little.
* Lightly whisk in the Vanilla and Orange juice, followed by the Egg yolks.
* Mix the digestive biscuits with the Chocolate mixture, followed by the Marshmallows.
* Pour into a lightly Butter 20cm round tin, lined with Greaseproof paper.
* If necessary, press the mixture down and level off with a palette knife.
* Cover with Cling film and Refrigerate overnight.
* Turn out onto a plate and dust the top with the Cocoa powder mixture.
* Cut into Wedges while still chilled and keep in the Fridge until required.
* From '''Simple Home Baking''' by ''Carol Pastor''
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