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List of ingredients for Ciabatta with biga

* ½ level teaspoon fresh Yeast
* 180g sparkling mineral water
* 350g ciabatta flour
'''For the dough'''

* 10g fresh yeast
* 340g sparkling mineral water
* 50g Olive oil
* 450g ciabatta Flour
* 15g Salt
* Extra Olive oil for oiling
* 20 g Semolina for dusting - optional

'''The biga'''
* Dissolve the yeast in the water
* Mix all the ingredients in a bowl by hand or in a mixer for 5 minutes until you have a stiff dough.
* Cover with clingfilm and leave it in a draught-free area for 24 hours.
'''The dough'''
* Dissolve the Yeast in the water and then add Olive oil.
* Sieve the Flour and Salt into a bowl and mix in the water, Yeast and Oil.
* Then, add the Biga and mix thoroughly. (This is a very wet mixture so I would recommend using a mixer with a dough hook).
* Knead using your chosen method. (You can also do this using your food mixer on the second highest speed for 4-5 minutes).
* Oil another large bowl and pour the Dough into it.
* Allow to rise in a warm place until it has a bubbly and light texture (about 1½ hours), covering the bowl with clingfilm.
* Gently deflate the dough with floured fingers and repeat the previous step or leave in the fridge overnight.
* If the dough has been in the fridge bring it to room temperature before continuing with the next step.
* Generously flour your work surface and using your dough scraper turn out the dough in one piece.
* Flour the top of the dough and using your fingers, gently dimple it.
* Divide the dough into 4.
* For each piece of dough, fold one side of it into the middle and press down and seal with the heal of your hand.
* Fold the other side unto the middle, pressing and sealing in the same manner.
* Finally, fold in half lengthways and seal the edges so that you end up with a long shape.
* Place the pieces of dough onto a couche cloth or piece of linen which has been floured with rye flour.
* Make ruches in the cloth between each piece of dough, to prevent them from spreading too much, but do allow a little spreading room.
* Cover with tea towels and allow to prove for about 45 minutes.
* Preheat the Oven to its highest temperature with a tray half-filled with boiling water placed on the bottom. If using a baking stone, put it in the oven before you turn the heat on.
* Flour a baking tray or peel, pick up one ciabatta at a time, turn it over, stretching it lengthways a little at the same time and lay on the peel or tray.
* Transfer to the oven, reduce the heat to 220 C (425 F - gas 7) and bake for about 20 minutes until light golden brown.
* Allow to cool on wire racks.


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