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List of ingredients for Artichoke and black garlic bruschetta

* 1 x 150g jar of Antipasti Artichokes (drained).
* 1 flame Roasted red pepper from a jar (drained and Seeds removed)
* 3 Cloves of peeled Black garlic (plus one extra to rub into the Bread)
* 1 teaspoon of Tomato puree
* 2 thin slices of red Chilli
* The Juice of half a Lemon
* 2 tablespoons of Olive oil
* Salt and Black pepper
* Small handful of fresh Parsley
* 1 Small French loaf

* Place the ingredients (with the exception of the Olive oil and French loaf) into a Blender.
* Blend together.
* Blend in the Olive oil to the consistency of your choice.
* Season with Salt and Black pepper.
* Warm the French bread.
* Cut into slices. Drizzle over some Extra virgin olive oil and rub a Clove of Black garlic all over the slices.
* Put the Artichoke and Black garlic paste on top.
* Scatter with fresh Basil leaves.


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