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List of ingredients for Beer battered fried fish

* 2 Thin Fish fillets (suggested: Cod fillets, basa fillets, Catfish fillets, tilapia, or Flounder)
* Oil with a high smoke point (Groundnut oil, Canola oil, Sunflower oil)
* 1 Egg white, whisked
* 1 cup Plain flour (All purpose flour)
* pint (236 ml, 1 cup) Beer or Lager, or pint (236 ml, 1 cup) cold water
* ½ teaspoon Baking powder
* extra Flour to dust the Fish

* Start heating the Oil. This recipe is intended for fast cooking in very hot Oil.
* Get the Batter ingredients ready to mix.
* Microwave the Fish, to ensure that the inside is hot. Flip the Fish as you Microwave it. When done, the fish should be hot and should look half-cooked.
* Mix the Flour, Egg white, and Beer.
* Pat a Fish dry with a Paper towel, then lightly dust it with Flour to ensure that it is really dry.
* Dip the Fish, and your Hand, into the Batter. Coat them well. The Batter will Help protect your Hand from splatter.
* Hold the Fish right above the Oil, then gently slide the Fish into the Oil.
* With tongs, nudge the Fish as needed to keep it from sticking to the bottom. Turn the Fish over as it cooks.
* Remove the Fish when it looks good, then serve it immediately.
* [ Wiki Cookbook]
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