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List of ingredients for Smoked salmon pasta with dill and creme fraiche

* 260g Fresh pasta (or 160g Dried tagliatelle or Dried spaghetti)
* 200 ml Crème fraîche
* 150g Smoked salmon slices
* Large bunch of Dill (20g or more)
* Sea salt and Freshly ground black pepper
* Lemon wedges to serve

* Cook the Pasta in fast Boiling Salted water [4 to 5 minutes for fresh], 6 to 7 for Dried pasta)
* If the Smoked salmon slices are large, cut them into bite-sized pieces
* Chop the Dill finely
* Add the Smoked salmon slices, chopped Dill, crème fraîche to a large bowl , season with Salt and Pepper and mix very well
* Drain the Pasta well and mix into the crème fraîche
* Spoon the mixture into serving bowl add a final flourish of Dill and a squeeze of Lemon juice to finish


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