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List of ingredients for Lazy Hollandaise-y Asparagus

* 1 Duck egg or 2 chicken eggs per person
* 6 Asparagus spears
* 100g pack of Pancetta, Prosciutto or Parma ham
* A knob of Butter
* Sea salt and Black pepper
* A drop of White wine vinegar (optional)

* Get your Eggs so they can warm to room temp. Crank your Oven grill up to high.
* Snap or slice the woody ends off the Asparagus. Wrap each spear with a slice of Pancetta or a halved (lengthwise) strip of Prosciutto or Parma ham.
* Get a pot of water on the Boil for the Eggs.
* Pop the wrapped spears on a hot Grill pan and under the Grill. Place your Eggs in the Sauce pan. Set the timer for 7 mins. Let the Egg water gently Bubble away - don't let it Boil too softly or too rapidly.
* Turn your spears a couple of times, until the Ham is crisped up and the tips are tender. Remove from Oven. Brust the tips with Butter.
* Slice the tops off the Eggs. Dunk a nugget of Butter into each melting Yolk. Season. Add a drop of Vinegar to give a lazy Hollandaise-y effect. Dunk.
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