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List of ingredients for Creamy seafood in lettuce wraps

* 180 g Smoked Mackerel fillets
* 150 g Greek yogurt
* 150 g cooked Peeled prawns
* Juice and Zest from half a Lemon
* 1 small Iceberg lettuce
* Freshly ground black pepper

* Add the Yogurt to a bowl
* Give it a grind of Black pepper and add the Lemon juice and Zest and mix well
* Remove the skin from the Mackerel and Flake into bite-size pieces, checking for bones as you go
* Stir in the Prawns and Mackerel
* Break the Iceberg lettuce into 'cups'
* Add a tablespoon of the creamy Seafood to each Lettuce leaf, roll it up and eat
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