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List of ingredients for Lancashire Hot-Pot

* 1 lb [450 g] neck of mutton
* 2 Onions
* 2 Sheep's Kidneys
* ½ pint [280 ml] warm water [or stock]
* 2 lb [900 g] Potatoes
* Seasoning
* ½ oz [15 g] melted butter

* Skin and core the Kidneys, and cut the Meats into small neat pieces.
* Wash, peel and slice the Potatoes, and slice the Onions.
* Line the casserole with a layer of these Vegetables.
* Season well and fill the casserole with layers of Meat, Vegetables and seasonings.
* Pour on the water [or stock].
* Have a layer of potatoes on top, brush over with a little melted butter, cover with a "lid" of buttered paper, or the lid of the casserole, and cook for half-an-hour at fairly hot [220 C/425 F/Gas 7], then for 1½ hours in a slow oven [150 C/300 F/Gas 2].
* Remove the lid, and continue cooking for a further half hour to Brown the top layer.


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