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List of ingredients for Baked peppers and couscous with garlic and herb cheese sauce

* 4 Orange or Red peppers
* 50 g Couscous
* 200 ml Philadelphia Simply Stir Garlic & Herbs
* 100 g Cherry tomatoes , halved
* 1 Courgette
* 1 Ciabatta loaf, sliced

* Preheat the Oven to Gas 6, 200 C. Cut the Peppers in half lengthways, removing Seeds and stalk and place onto a Baking tray.
* Place the Couscous into a bowl and pour over enough Boiling water to just cover, leave for 5 minutes for the Grains to swell and all of the liquid to be absorbed.
* Mix the Sauce with the Tomatoes and Courgettes and then with the Couscous and spoon into the Peppers. Bake for 20 minutes until the Peppers are cooked through and lightly Browned.


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