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List of ingredients for Cuban Mango Mojitos

* 10 Mint leaves
* 1 Lime, cut in Wedges
* 2 tablespoons Natco mango pulp
* 1.5 jiggers Rum
* 1 cup Club soda
* 1 cup crushed ice
* 3 tablespoons Sugar

* Place Mint leaves and 1 Lime wedge into a sturdy Glass.
* Use a Muddler to crush the Mint and Lime to release the Mint Oils and Lime juice.
* Add 2 more Lime wedges and the Sugar, and Muddle again to release the Lime juice.
* Do not strain the mixture. Fill the Glass almost to the top with ice.
* Pour the Rum and Mango pulp over the ice, and fill the glass with Carbonated water. Stir, taste, and add more Sugar if desired.
* Garnish with the remaining lime wedge
* {{RecipeCourtesyOfCubanCuisine
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