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List of ingredients for Pulled pork

* 1.3 kg (3 lb) boneless pork shoulder.
* 2 level teaspoons Sea salt
* 3 tablespoons Brown sugar
* 2 tablespoons Paprika - smoked paprika if you have it.
* 2 teaspoons Mustard powder
* 1/2 teaspoon Peppercorns, Ground to a powder in a Coffee grinder
* 2 teaspoons Chilli powder or a bunch of your favourite Dried Chillies, powdered
* 2 teaspoons coriander seeds, Ground to a powder
* 2 teaspoons Garlic powder
* 1 teaspoon Ginger powder
'''Cook it over:'''
* 450 ml Cider
'''The reduction'''
* 1 tablespoon Brown sugar
* White wine vinegar to taste

* Place the Pork, 'skin-side-up' on a wire rack resting on a tray full of Cider. The pork must be clear of the cooking liquor.
* Cover and seal with two layers of Tin-foil so the joint can Steam in the Cider.
* Cook for 4.5 hours, and don't fiddle or mess about with it!
* After 4.5 hours, turn the heat up to 200 C (400 F - gas 6).
* Reserving the original tray and its juices, place the joint on its rack over a clean, dry roasting tray and Roast uncovered for a further 30 minutes.
* When the Pork is cooked, use two forks to shred the pork into tiny pieces.
* To the juices, add the final Sugar, taste, and then add a splash or so of white wine vinegar to balance the flavours. Use a wooden spatula to get all of the goodness from the pan and then whisk well.
* Tip the Pork into the Sauce and heat until it is reduced to a sticky mass.


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