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List of ingredients for Thai oyster

* 10 small Oysters (or Mussels, Squid, or Seafood as you prefer)
* 2 tablespoons Rice flour
* ½ tablespoon Cassava Starch
* 1 cup fresh Bean sprouts
* 3 tablespoons cold water
* ¼ teaspoon Thai Pepper powder
* ¼ teaspoon chopped Garlic
* ¼ teaspoon chopped Onion
* ¼ teaspoon Fish sauce
* 1 free range egg
* Vegetable oil for cooking
'''Chilli sauce for Oysters'''

* 2 tablespoons sweet Chilli sauce
* 2 tablespoons Vinegar
* ¼ teaspoon Salt

* Wash Oysters in cold water, then Poached and drain well.
* Mix Cassava Starch and Rice flour with the water and mix well.
* Heat the Vegetable oil in a pan. When the Oil is hot, pour the mixed Flour and Oysters together.
* Add the Egg after Batter is set. Make a hole in the centre with a spatula, cook until golden crispy.
* Pour a little more Oil in the pan, Fry the Garlic and Bean sprouts until it heated.
* Mix all ingredients, then season with Fish sauce, Sugar, Onion and Thai Pepper powder.


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