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List of ingredients for Parpy Chicken

* 2 skinless & boneless Chicken breasts
* Juice of one Lemon (see method)
* A good 3 tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil
* 1 Clove Garlic crushed
* Salt & Pepper

'''Prepare Chicken'''
# Slash Chicken breasts across about 5 times. Make the cuts fairly deep because you want the Marinade to really penetrate.
# Place in a shallow bowl
# First Microwave the whole Lemon for about 15 seconds. This will enable you to extract the maximum amount of Juice
# Cut the Lemon in half and squeeze the Juice out into a small mixing bowl removing any pips
# Add the Oil and the Crushed Garlic and season generously
# Mix well and pour over the Chicken breasts
# Cover with Clingfilm and place in the Fridge
# Pour yourself a glass of Wine and relax for half an hour
# After half an hour turn the Chicken over in the Marinade, re-cover and put back in the Fridge.
# Time for another glass of Wine
# Turn Chicken over after half an hour (the chicken needs at least 1 hour of Marinating)
# Heat a smallish Frying pan over a medium heat and when hot put the Chicken in the pan cut-side-up together with half of the Marinade
# Cook for 10 minutes Basting regularly with the Marinade
# Check the underside of the Chicken after about 10 minutes. If nicely Brown, turn it over and put in the rest of the Marinade.
# Give this side 10 minutes, again Basting regularly.
# The Lemon juice will evaporate leaving a nice Brown sticky residue on the Meat. The Oil will separate.
# Give the Meat a little cut in the middle and check that it's not pink.
# Time for more Wine


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