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List of ingredients for Leek and Apple Stuffed Pork

* 1.5 kg Shoulder of pork, boned and rolled
* 3 tablespoons Oil
* Sea salt
''' Stuffing:'''
* 1 Leek, finely chopped
* 1 tablespoon Oil
* 250 g Pork sausages, casing removed or sausage meat, labelled Freedom Food, outdoor reared, outdoor bred, free-range or organic
* 1 eating Apple, cored and Diced
* 75 g chopped Walnuts
* 8 fresh Sage leaves, chopped

* Take the boned and rolled Shoulder joint out of the Fridge while you prepare the Stuffing.
* Heat 1 tablespoon Oil in a pan and cook the Leeks until soft but not coloured. Spoon onto kitchen paper and drain and cool. Mix together the Sausage Meat, cooled leeks, Apple pieces, Walnuts and Sage.
* Cut the strings from the Pork joint and open up on a board with the rind side downwards. Make a slit toward the centre of the pork to make more room for the Stuffing. Spoon the stuffing onto the middle of the pork, roll up the joint and secure with kitchen string in 3-4 places.
* Weigh the stuffed joint and calculate the cooking time - 30 minutes per 450g/½kg plus 30 minutes (medium).
* Pat the rind dry with kitchen paper. Score deeply with a sharp knife and rub the rind with a little Oil and a sprinkling of Salt.
* Place on a rack in a Roasting tin and Roast in the Oven for calculated cooking time.
* When cooked, allow the Pork to stand for 15 minutes.


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