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List of ingredients for Roast pig's head

* Half a Pig's head (fresh)
* 2 lb large cooking Apples
* 1 lb Onions
* 1 pint of water
'''For the gravy'''

* 1 oz Dripping
* 1 oz Flour
* ¾ pint of water used for cooking the head
* Salt and Pepper

* Peel and slice the Onions and place in a Baking tin
* Wash the head and score the skin with a sharp knife
* Lay the head on the Onions, pour the water over them and Bake them in a moderate oven for two hours, Basting the head every 15 minutes
* Wipe the Apples and take out the cores with a small knife
* Stand the Apples round the Meat for the last half hour it is Baking
* Place the head surrounded with Apples, in a hot dish and put this in the oven to keep hot
* Pour off liquid
* Melt the Dripping, stir in the Flour, and Fry until Brown, stirring all the time
* Add ¾ of a pint of the cooking liquid and stir until it boils
* Boil for 3 minutes and serve in a Sauce-boat


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