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List of ingredients for Home-made Churros

* Measuring in a cup or jug, you need equal volumes of Plain flour and water, so for this recipe measure 500 ml of both
* Large pinch of Salt
* Olive or Sunflower oil
* Caster or Icing sugar (optional)

* Put the water and Salt in a saucepan and bring to the Boil.
* Sieve the Flour into a bowl.
* Add the Boiling water to the Flour and mix thoroughly with a fork. The mixture should be like a thick paste.
* Do not worry too much about any lumps as the force on the churrera will disperse them.
* Heat the Oil in a large Deep frying or sauté pan.
* Force the mixture into the churrera as tightly as you can, to reduce the amount of air in the mixture.
* When the Oil is almost Smoking, pipe the dough into the pan, either in a spiral or in longish strips.
* Cook until they are a rich golden Brown. Because they float, you will need to turn them over to ensure even cooking. This is best done with either skewers or chopsticks.
* If they are spiral shaped, cut them into long pieces with scissors.
* Sprinkle them with Sugar if desired


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