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List of ingredients for Magic Custard Cake

* 4 Eggs (separate Yolks from whites)
* 1 tablespoon Water
* 2 teaspoon vanilla essence
* 150 g Sugar/Icing Sugar
* 125 g melted Butter or Margarine
* 115 g of Flour
* 500 g warm Milk (pint)
* 4 drops of Vinegar
* Icing sugar or icing to decorate

* Grease a 20x20cm ovenproof dish/tin (not larger), in the pictures below my dish is around 20x15cm, it makes the cake a little deeper.
* Melt Butter in Microwave, once melted, it should be left to cool a little
* Cream the Egg yolks, Sugar, water, Vanilla essence until thick & creamy
* Beat in the melted Butter
* Sieve in the Flour and beat into the mixture in several stages
* Add the Milk and beat again with the Mixer
* In a separate bowl whisk the Egg whites and 4 drops of Vinegar until stiff
* Gently fold/mix the Egg whites into the main Batter.
* Pour the mixture into the dish
* Bake for around 60-70 minutes or until golden on top, my fan oven is always 70 mins.
* Wait until cool and sift Icing sugar onto the top.
* Cut, serve and eat!
* MaBel's Blog in spanish -, translated/transcibed by Google/Cakey


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