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List of ingredients for Corned beef fritters

* 1 tin Spam, cut into 10 mm (1/2" slices) or thinner
* Oil for Frying
'''Batter mix'''
* 60 g Self-raising flour
* 1 Egg, beaten
* Splash of Guinness, Bitter or if you must, Milk and water mixed (about 35 to 40 ml of liquid is required)
* Splash of Louisiana hot pepper sauce or Tabasco sauce (to taste)
* Pinch of Salt
* A little plain flour to dust before battering.

* Add all of the dry batter ingredients to a bowl, then whisking well, add just enough fluid (Guinness, Bitter, or the Milk/water mix) to make a thick batter. Add the egg and mix it in extremely well.
* Rest the batter in the refrigerator for 20 minutes if you can
* Dip each piece of spam in a saucer of plain flour and knock off any excess (this helps the batter mix to stick)
* Dip each piece of spam in the batter
* Heat a shallow Frying pan with a little Oil. When it has just started to smoke, reduce the heat a little and Fry the fritters a few at a time for 3 minutes a side


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