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List of ingredients for Truffade

* Olive oil or melted Butter to grease the dish
* 1 large Onion, peeled and sliced
* 675 g (1.5 lb) Baking Potatoes such as Cara, Estima, King Edwards, Marfona, Maris Piper or Vivaldi, '''very''' thinly sliced.
* Freshly Grated Nutmeg
* Sea salt and Freshly ground black pepper
* 225 g (8 oz) Diced streaky Bacon (Lardons) - ''optional''

* Grease the base of a shallow Baking dish or Roasting tin.
* Arrange a layer of Onions in the base.
* Top with a layer of Potatoes, then a layer of Cheese.
* Finish with a final layer of Potatoes topped with Cheese.
* Dress with Nutmeg, Salt and Pepper and a few dabs of Butter or Oil.
* Bake for 1 hour and ten minutes., remove and allow to rest for 5 minutes
* If using Lardons, Fry them for 4 minutes first and add them in layers with the Potatoes and Onions.


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