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List of ingredients for Dublin Lawyer

* ½ teaspoon Paprika powder.
* ½ teaspoon Mustard powder.
* 3 tablespoons Butter.
* 6 Button mushrooms, sliced thinly.
* 4 Spring onions, Sliced on the diagonal.
* About 450 g (1 lb) of fresh or cooked Lobster cut into chunks.
* 4 tablespoons Irish whiskey.
* 150 ml Double cream.
* Squeeze of Lemon juice.
* Sea salt and Freshly ground black pepper.

* Mix the Butter, Paprika and Mustard powder together.
* Heat the Butter in a large Frying pan.
* Sauté the Mushrooms for a few minutes until they take a little colour.
* Add the Lobster and Spring onions and sauté until the lobster is cooked. This should only take a few minutes.
* Add the whiskey - if you want to set fire to it, warm it a little first. Cook for a few minutes more.
* Add the Cream heat through, season to taste with Salt and Pepper.


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