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List of ingredients for Balsamic vinegar gravy

* A baking tray with remnants of a Roast
* A piece of meat or a range of vegetables
* A good glug of Balsamic vinegar (about 6 tablespoons)
* 1 tablespoon (or to taste) of good vegetable stock powder, such as Marigold Swiss bouillon powder
* 284 ml Boiling water
* 1 teaspoon gravy browning (optional)

* Add the Bouillon powder or cube and the gravy browning to the Boiling water and mix well
* Remove the Vegetables (or Meat) from the roasting tray
* Place on the hob and turn to high
* Splash a good glug of Balsamic vinegar onto the tray and with a flat spatula, Deglaze the tray, scraping all of the caramelised goodness from the base
* Allow to Bubble away for 30 seconds
* Pour in the Stock mixture, stir well and heat until it thickens a little
* Strain through a Sieve and serve immediately
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