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List of ingredients for Home-made cottage cheese

* 1.2 Litres skimmed or semi-skimmed Pasteurised Cows' or Ewes' Milk
* 30 ml Cider vinegar
* Salt to taste
* Flavourings to taste (optional)

* Heat the Milk in the saucepan until it is very hot, but not Boiling, stirring occasionally.
* Remove from heat for about 5 minutes and stir in the Cider vinegar.
* The Curds should start to form almost immediately.
* Leave to cool for about 30 minutes.
* Line a Colander with the Butter muslin - this can be doubled for extra-fine draining, but it will take longer for the Whey to be extracted from the the Curds.
* Pour the mixture into the muslin lined Colander and leave to drain thoroughly.
* Transfer the Cheese into a container and season with Salt.
* If you wish to add a flavouring, do so at this stage.
* Refrigerate for a maximum of four days.


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