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List of ingredients for Almogrote

* 500 g mature Goats Cheese
* 4 tablespoons of paprika
* 1 whole Red chilli pepper with Seeds
* 1 cup of Olive oil
* 10 Garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
* 300g tomatoes, (optional)

* Chop the ingredients into small pieces
* Grind the pieces to a paste using a large wooden Mortar and pestle.
===Type of cheese to use===
Originally, in a discussion with another editor, the oft-seen suggestion to use a 'hard' cheese for this recipe was possibly attributed to a (mis)-translation "Sometimes the Spanish word 'duro' which means 'hard' can also mean 'mature' in cheese terms", however the following quote was found:
''Si hace falta martillo y escoplo para ello, el queso es el ideal'', [If you need a hammer and chisel for it, the cheese is the ideal (one)].
So the plot thickens! If you can shed any further light on this quandary then please do add your thoughts to this, or the discussion page.
===The non-authentic version===
..and here's what happened when I tried to make the non-authentic version!
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====Best recipe review====

''A lovely dip for crackers''
Los! See my other attempt at this - there is a link in the recipe!
Paul R Smith

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