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List of ingredients for Deep pan pepperoni pizza pie

* 1 200 g pepperoni-style sausage, peel off the skin and thinly slice the sausage. Chorizo works equally well in this recipe
* 1 portion of Pizza dough
* Fine yellow cornmeal or plain flour for dusting .''Students, you can get by without this!''
* 110 g (4 oz) Cheddar cheese, Grated
* 1 large can of chopped peeled Tomatoes, left to drain over a coarse sieve for 20 minutes
* 1 teaspoon dried oregano
* 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano or mixed herbs
* Pinch of Black pepper
* 1 ball of Buffalo Mozzarella, torn

===How to ensure a crispy base===
Having made these deep pan pizzas many, many times, I've found that sometimes it's hard to get the base well cooked without burning the rest of the pizza dough. I've found the best way is to use a meta-based pan, similar to a baking tray. The metal base gets hot enough to crisp the base properly. I have a really heavy rectangular Le Creuset baking tray that is absolutely ideal. It seems a shame as it will mean I'll never use my earthenware deep pan pizza dish again!

Image:Deep pan pepperoni pizza pie.jpg* Ready to eat
Image:Deep pan pepperoni pizza pie topped.jpg* Topped with mozzarella and tomatoes
Image:Deep pan pepperoni pizza pie filled.jpg* Pepperoni & cheddar
Image:Easy tomato topping for pizza recipe.jpg* Drained tomato topping


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