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List of ingredients for Tagliatelle al Ragł alla Bolognese

* 600 g coarsely Ground lean Beef
* 400 g coarsely Ground lean Pork
* 200 g Pancetta Diced or chopped
* 100 g chopped Onion
* 100 g Carrot Diced
* 100 g Celery Diced
* 1kg canned peeled tomatoes
* 300 ml Dry white wine
* 500 ml fresh Milk
* 3 Bay leaves
* Black pepper and Salt to taste

* Place the Pancetta in a thick base large stainless steel saucepan (cm30x20) stir and cook over low flame until the Fat is melted, add the Onion and keep stirring until the Onion is translucent
* Add the Carrot and Celery and the Bay leaves and keep cooking until the Vegetables start to soften and get some colour,
* Raise the flame to very high and add the Ground Meats, previously mixed and seasoned with Salt and Black pepper and mixed well, by Hand ( wearing gloves!)
* Keep cooking and stirring with a wooden spoon until the Meat is well done
* Pour in the White wine and keep cooking until the Wine has evaporated
* Process briefly the peeled Tomatoes in the Food mill and add to the pot and continue cooking slowly over a low flame for at least 2 hours, if it becomes too dry add some Beef stock
* Add some Milk and some Chicken stock, stir and leave to slow Boiling at low flame
* Keep going with the Milk and the Stock for 60 minutes at low flame
* Season to taste and leave to Rest
'''For the dough'''
*1 kg pasta flour
*8 whole fresh eggs
* Mix the flour and the eggs by hand or in the planetary mixing machine
* Cover and leave the dough to rest in a cool place for 2 hours
* Roll out the dough, with a rolling pin if you have the know-how, or use the pasta machine, cut the tagliatelle with a knife or by using a proper cutter
* Arrange in a traditional nest shape and leave to dry


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