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List of ingredients for Coliflor en Aguacate (Cauliflower in avocado sauce)

* 450 g (1 lb) cauliflower, trimmed of leaves and cut into florets
* 2 whole Star anise (2 complete star Anise - not 2 'petals')
* 1 teaspoon of Salt

'''the Guacamole'''
: Chose from one of the following (or use commercially prepared guacamole)
: A simple Guacamole recipe
: An authentic Mexican version, Guacamole con aceite de oliva
: An Anglicised version of Diana Kennedy's guacamole recipe, Tostadas de guacamole y crema
: A red guacamole, Guacamole rojo
'''to garnish'''
: 60 g (2 oz) queso fresco, crumbled - a Goats' cheese would work well in this recipe


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