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List of ingredients for Bondepige med slÝr (Veiled country girl)

* 450g fine Breadcrumbs (preferably Rye)
* 45g Butter
* 30g Sugar
* 450g thick Apple sauce
* 1 x 284ml pot of Cream, whipped
* 1 tablespoon Redcurrant jelly

* mix the Breadcrumbs, Butter and Sugar and add to a heavy bottomed Frying pan
* Toss gently over a medium heat until the Breadcrumbs are very crisp
* Allow to cool
* Put alternate layers of crumbs and Apple sauce in a serving dish, ending with the Breadcrumbs
* Cover with the Whipped cream and decorate with the Redcurrant jelly.
* Chill before serving.


Recipe from:Ýr_(Veiled_country_girl)

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