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List of ingredients for Pâté au Riesling

====For the pâté====

* 1kg boneless Pork or Veal (25% Minced, 75% cubed)
* Salt, Ground pepper
* Nutmeg
* 100g white of Leek, cut into Brunoise
* 100g Carrots, cut into Brunoise
* 100g Celery, cut into Brunoise
* 30g Shallots, chopped
* Parsley, chopped
* 1 litre Riesling
* 100ml White wine vinegar
====For the pastry====

* 10g Salt
* 250g Lard, softened
* 750g Flour
* 3 Eggs, beaten
* 300ml warm water

* Further beaten Egg

====For the pâté====
* Season the Meat with Salt, Pepper and Nutmeg
* Mix the Diced Meat with the Minced meat
* Add the Vegetables and the Parsley
* Pour over White wine and Vinegar
* Leave to Marinate 12 hours in the Fridge
====For the pastry====
* Mix the Flour and Salt
* Mix in the Lard, the Eggs then gradually, the water
* Leave to Rest in the Fridge for 20 minutes.
* Roll out the Dough into a rectangle 6mm thick
* Drain the Meat from the Marinade
* Place the drained Meat on the Dough
* Brush with beaten Egg
* Wrap over the Dough and place the whole thing on an oiled Baking sheet
* Cut a whole to prevent the Dough from cracking
* Brush with more beaten Egg
* Bake at 220° C (425° F - gas 7), [fan Oven 200° C] for 10 minutes
* Lower the temperature to 190° C (375° F - gas 5), [fan Oven 170° C] and cook a further 25 minutes.


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