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List of ingredients for Olive bread

* 3g fresh Yeast
* 150ml water at about 20 Degrees Celsius
* 75g strong, White bread Flour
* 75g Strong wholemeal flour
* For the Dough:
* 225g sponge, taken from the above
* 150g strong, White bread Flour
* 75g Strong wholemeal flour
* 4g finely Ground Sea salt
* 15ml Olive oil
* 105ml water
'''For the Bread:'''

* 30g Pumpkin seeds
* 20ml Olive oil
* The Dough from above
* 90g black Olive paste

'''The sponge:'''
* Dissolve the Yeast in the water and pour into a large bowl.
* Mix in the Flours. cover with a lid or plastic bag and leave at room temperature for 16-48 hours.
'''The Dough:'''
* Mix together all of the ingredients and Knead until the Dough is stretchy and silky.
* Return to the bowl, cover and leave to rise until double its size.
'''The Bread:'''
* Knock back the Dough and incorporate the Seeds and the Olive oil.
* On a lightly dusted worksurface or Pastry mat, roll out the Dough until is measures about 20 x 30cm.
* Spread the Olive paste over the Dough and roll up like a Swiss roll.
* Tuck each end under the middle until they meet underneath.
* Place in a 1kg greased loaf tin and allow to rise until it has almost doubled in size.
* Bake at 190 C (375 F - gas 5) for about 35 minutes.


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