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List of ingredients for Noodle dough (HC)

* 9 oz [255 g] flour
* Salt
* 2 free range eggs

* Make a stiff dough of the flour with rather less than a gill [140 ml] of water the eggs and a little salt. Knead well on the baking-board, let it lie there a little, then roll out as thin as desired - usually about the thickness of a penny [2 pence piece is about right].
* Leave it to dry a little, then dredge the rolled out dough with Flour, roll up and cut across in Noodles of the required width.
* Shake the Noodles to prevent them sticking.
* Shortly before they are required drop them into Boiling water, Boil till they rise to the surface, rinse them in cold water and put them into the Soup.


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