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List of ingredients for Szeged gulyás of fowl (HC)

* 3 Chickens, Parson's nose removed
* 4 Onions
* 3 oz [85 g] lard
* 2 lbs [900 g] potatoes
* 3 Carrots
* Salt, Paprika, Caraway Seed
* 6 Tomatoes or a tablespoon of tomato purée

* Mince the Onions and Fry them a golden-Brown in the Lard.
* Add Paprika, a little water, a few crushed Caraway seeds, the Chickens, each divided into 8 parts, and let the whole Stew slowly.
* When the Meat is half-done add the Diced Potatoes, the sliced Carrots and Tomatoes or Tomato purée.
* Stew the whole, adding a little water now and then.
* The sliced Carrots may be Boiled in a separate saucepan and their liquor used instead of water.
* Before serving Boil some Csipetke in the gravy.


Recipe from:ás_of_fowl_(HC)

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