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List of ingredients for Rice and cheese croquettes (MoF)

* 113g [4 oz] rice
* 28g [1 oz] margarine
* 28g [1 oz] flour
* 213 ml [3/8 pint] of milk
* 85g [3 oz] Cheddar cheese, grated
* Salt, pepper and cayenne pepper
* White breadcrumbs
* Fat for frying

* Wash the rice and cook in boiling salted water until tender; drain well
* Make a thick sauce with the margarine, flour and milk and mix in the rice and cheese
* Season well and turn the mixture onto a plate and leave until cold
* Thin batter for coating (see note)
* Divide into 8 portions, form into croquettes and coat with batter and breadcrumbs
* Fry in hot fat until golden brown and serve hot with carrots and peas, or cold with a green salad
''Batter coating''
* 2 level tablespoons flour blended with 4 tablespoons milk or water
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