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List of ingredients for Cuban 'Bloody Mary' hangover cure

* 480ml Tomato juice
* 2 jiggers Vodka
* ½ teaspoon fresh Horseradish
* 4 drops Worcestershire sauce
* 4 drops GoyaŽ Nativo Salsa Aji Nativo
* 1 tablespoon finely Ground Sea salt
* 1 tablespoon GoyaŽ Adobo with Habanero
* 2 Egg yolks, unbroken
* 2 sticks Celery
* ½ Lime, sliced into Wedges

* Mix together Tomato juice, Vodka, Horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and Salsa Aji Nativo.
* To rim the Glasses, mix Sea salt and Adobo on flat plate. Wet the rims of each Glass and then lightly Dip the rims into the mixture.
* Carefully put some ice cubes into the Glass, then the Bloody Mary mix, avoiding the rims.
* Finally, carefully plop an Egg yolk into the Drink, accompanying it with a Celery stick to stir. Add a squeeze of Lime and go.
They can also supply Cuban party essentials.
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