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List of ingredients for Duck legs (SV)

* 4 Barbary Duck legs
* 4 teaspoons Ground black pepper
* 4 teaspoons Garlic powder
* 2 heaped teaspoons Ground Mustard

* Mix together the Pepper, Garlic powder and Mustard.
* Rub all over the Duck legs.
* Place the legs into separate pouches.
* Vacuum pack, seal and cook in the Water bath for 8-10 hours.
* If they are not to be served immediately, plunge the pouches in iced water, leave to cool and Refrigerate, then follow the instructions below re Searing.
* If serving immediately, remove the Duck from the pouches and Sear each side in a very hot Frying pan until both sides are crisp (about 1-2 minutes each side).


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