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List of ingredients for Potato and goats' cheese tortilla

* 600g Rooster Potatoes
* 4 Large Free range eggs
* 100 ml Milk
* 200g Goats Cheese (*You can also use Boursin or Mozzarella cheese)
* 6 Spring onions
* 2tbs Oil
* Salt and Pepper

* Par boil the Potatoes and cut into thick slices.
* Beat the Eggs and Milk together.
* Heat the Oil in a heavy bottomed Frying pan, add the Potatoes and Fry till the potatoes are lightly coloured.
* Pour in the Egg mix, break the Goats Cheese into Walnut size pieces and place onto the Eggs and Potatoes.
* Sprinkle over the Spring onions and place into the Oven for 25 minutes.
* Turn the Tortilla out and serve hot or cold.


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