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List of ingredients for Preserved lemons

* 7 unwaxed lemons
* 1 litre bottled lemon juice (normally about 4 bottles)
* 2 tablespoons coriander seeds
* 4 fresh bay leaves, rinsed under boiling water
* 7 tablespoons coarse sea salt

Many recipes call for the juice from fresh lemons, but as we use so much of this, we've found bottled lemon juice to be just as good.
To ensure no bacteria contaminates this preserve, sterilise everything and use tongs or clean rubber gloves when handling the contents.
* If using waxed lemons (the norm), wash under very hot water to remove the wax
* Cut the lemons into quarters from the top, not completing the cuts so they open like flowers
* Pack each lemon with about a tablespoon of sea salt and place in the jar
* Add the coriander seeds and the bay leaves
* Pour in enough lemon juice to cover the lemons completely
* If they bob up over the surface, wedge a piece of sterilised plastic over the top lemon to hold it under the juice. A disposable coffee spoon works well here.
* Leave for 1 month before use
* Will keep for upto 1 year, but you'll use them up way before then!


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