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List of ingredients for Sopa de Gambas con Mayonesa (TM)

* 100g Bread
* 400g Prawns
* 1,000g water
'''For the Mayonnaise'''
* 1 Egg
* Salt
* Pepper
* 25g Lemon juice
* 300g Olive oil

* Cut the Bread into fine slices and toast it.
* Place the Prawns in the internal Steaming basket, add the water '''8 minutes / Temp. Varoma / Speed 1'''.
* Once cooked, strain off the water and keep it hot.
* Remove the Prawns, peel them and reserve.
* Clean the bowl, add all the ingredients for the Mayonnaise, apart from the Oil '''10 seconds / Speed 5'''.
* Next, put the MC in a slightly inclined position, set '''Speed 4''' and add the Oil, little by little until the Mayonnaise has thickened.
* Set the TM to '''Speed 3''' and add the Stock, little by little through the hole in the lid until this is totally mixed with the Mayonnaise.
* Pour the Soup into a soup tureen and place the Bread and the Prawns on top.


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