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List of ingredients for Jol Robuchon's Easy Frites

* 675 g (1.5 lb) Boiling Potatoes: (Idaho, Estima, Harmony, Osprey)
* 2 cups of Peanut oil at room temperature
* Sea salt, Ground to a fine powder
* Oil thermometer

* Wash the Potatoes, peel and cut into long, thin Chips, 7.5 mm (3/8") square
* Rinse under running cold water and dry well using a Tea-towel - (wet/moist Chips absorb more Oil)
* Place the Chips in a 25 cm (10") pan that has sides at least 10 cm (4.5") high
* Place the pan on your most powerful hob at it's highest heat, thermometer at the ready.
* Add the oil
* When the Oil goes over 100 C (225 F) it will start bubbling gently. When it has reached 180 C (350 F) it will be Boiling furiously and the Potatoes will be golden Brown and ready for consumption.
* Ensure that the temperature does not exceed 190 C (375 F) or you will spoil the Chips.
* Remove with a dry slotted spoon and blot any surplus Oil with paper towels.
* Serve immediately, don't delay. Sprinkle with powdered Sea salt and serve with strong Dijon mustard.
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