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List of ingredients for Sticky Marmalade Gammon

* 3.5kg boneless Freedom Food labelled Gammon joint (or labelled outdoor bred, outdoor reared, free-range or organic)
* 1 litre fresh Orange juice
* 8 Cloves, plus extra for studding the Gammon
* 1 Onion, peeled, halved
* 2 large Bay leaves
'''For the glaze:'''
* 4 tablespoons Orange Marmalade
* 4 tablespoons clear Honey
* 3 tablespoon Wholegrain mustard

* Put the Gammon in a large, deep pan and cover with water. Bring to the Boil, remove from the heat and drain.
* Return the Gammon to the pan, and then pour in the Orange juice. Pour in enough cold water to cover the gammon completely.
* Push two Cloves into each Onion half and add to the pan along with the Bay leaves. Cover with a lid and bring gently to the Boil (this will take about 30 minutes), skim the surface and then reduce the heat to a Simmer. Cook gently for 2 ½ hours, adding more hot water to the pan as necessary.
* Preheat the Oven to 180C/fan oven 160C, 350F/Gas 4.
* Remove the Gammon from the pan and sit onto a chopping board. Using a long knife remove the skin, leaving behind a thin layer of Fat. Score the gammon in a diamond pattern with the tip of a knife. Place a Clove in the middle of a few of the diamonds. Sit the gammon into a Roasting tin.
* Mix together the Marmalade, Honey and Mustard. Spoon or Brush the glaze evenly over the Gammon.
* Roast the Gammon in the Oven for 45 minutes, Basting frequently with the glaze and pan juices, until the gammon is cooked through and golden-Brown all over.


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